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Taking My Talents to Tumblr

From now on I will be blogging strickly on Tumblr… It’s been real wordpress… Follow & check out my new site !!!!!!!!!!! >>>

Screenshot of the new site!


Kanye West’s Coachella Set

Ye coined this as his most important performance since his mother passed and it was simply amazing from beginning to end. This performance reminds me of why he is my favorite artist today.

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Welcome new readers

I have been noticing a rise of the current daily views on here and I would like to thank all the new subscribers and readers! The Mind of SJB is a site where I post whatever comes to my mind. Be it new music, art that I like, fashion, dance, etc. Whatever I like, I’ll post it. I don’t follow the rules of the other sites where you gotta post the latest news that ALL the other sites are posting….. I just post ish that I like.. For more info on me check out my About Me section & follow me on Twitter @Sean_Julianno

Appreciate the support, keep rockin with me,


Sean Julianno

Whatever you wanna call me!


Thanks for all the views and all the support !!

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I made a bet with my friend that I would go twitterless and facebookless for a week.. She seems to think that I can’t live without either.. Tough it might be, but nothing to a boss LOL.. I’ll share some thoughts on here like I used to do a while back… Stay tuned..

Shaq remembers Biggie

My favorite NBA player Shaq (DON’T JUDGE ME) remembers Biggie on his birthday..

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