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Drunken Bird

Over the past few years, we always hear a thud on our screen deck door. Come to find out it is a drunken bird! Lol .. From what I’ve been told that birds run into windows because they see their own reflection.. As I type, I hear it at again!! Lol enjoy the video
No birds were harmed in the filming of this video ! Lol


In the branding process, first day of brainstorming my logo design with my guy David Ramirez ! Wait until it’s done….


As a four eyed freak, I’ve been told that the eyewear I display fits me very well… I see it as since I have to wear some type of glasses/contacts that they might as well be stylish.. Here are 3 of my daily glasses/shades that I have from Prada, Gucci & Ray Ban … I will be replacing the Gucci black pair soon so if you want some frames hit me up! I also need some new Ray Bans ASAP ! Yes my Ray Bans are prescription, the reason why the Ray Ban engraving isn’t on the lenses..

Twitterless: Day 2

Rainy day, about to head to class… After the Lakers win last night only right to rock some Lakers colored gear as a true fan does… Lakers t shirt, Eddie Cruz AF1 with a purple H&M rain jacket does the trick for today… Being twitterless is tough, but I have my eye on the prize! Oh yea, I’ll be announcing some new projects & collaborations this Saturday too, so stay tuned!

Afternoon with the Flegals

Stopped by mi favorito familia, the Flegals this afternoon!!! Dropped off a signed copy of my documentary for Mama Flegal and chilled with mi favorito model in the worlddddd!!!!

Day 1: Twitterless

Today starts the first day of my twitterless week …

#KicksOfTheDay Air Jordan 13 ‘Flint’¬†with the matching jacket …

Basic fit for having to get up and go to an 8 am class …

Good start to the day as I made it to class on time… Maybe this twitterless thing might be good for me