About SJB

Sean ‘Julianno’ Buckner who is also known as ‘SJB’, ‘Sean Julianno’, ‘Julianno’, etc is the only writer and creator of the ‘Inside the Mind of SJB”. ‘SJB’ is a 21 year old, Senior Fashion Student at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Sean has also studied at the Academy of Art University at San Francisco as well as Indiana University. 3rd time’s a charm, as he has found an Institution that can progress him in the direction he desires to go in. A now 3-Time Dean’s List honoree and receiving multiple Academic scholarships, he is positioning himself to become one of the top managerial/entrepreneurial Fashion students in the country. He aspires to become an Entertainment mogul producing Art, Fashion & Music.

Aside from his collegiate studies, ‘SJB’ has also established the beginning of SJB Productions, where was the creative director and producer for the Arts Night @ the Light Fashion Show on September 18th, 2010. Arts Night @ the Light was a groundbreaking show bringing many individuals of different cultures and ethnicities together for one event to experience a night of Art, Music, Hair Display and Fashion. ‘SJB’ is currently in the process of producing the Documentary for Arts Night @ the Light, where it will display all the work and effort and the behind the scenes work of what really goes into producing such a show. With so much positive feedback, he has received many offers to produce many shows at other venues in the near future. Only time will tell, how soon he will be producing again. ‘SJB’ has many new projects that will be starting in 2011, starting with philanthropy, finishing a novel as well as finally finishing out his collegiate career. Stay tuned the best is yet to come, to personally contact SJB hit him at one of the below.





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