Order the Arts Night @ the Light Documentary Package Now!

You can now purchase the Arts Night @ the Light Documentary package for $5 plus 2.99 Shipping & Handling.  Just click on the FIRST picture of the Documentary package to take you to the official PayPal check out page or buy now here > ANATLDoc Make sure you add your full name & address in the description when ordering. If that does not come up email that info to sjbsince89@gmail.com with your order #. Full description of the documentary & official trailer below after the pics!

Check out the first official trailer & full description below !!! 

The Arts Night @ the Light Documentary was made to display how much hard work actually goes into producing a successful show such as Arts Night @ the Light, that you don’t get to see unless you’re directly involved. Arts Night @ the Light, was a visual display of Art, Music, Hair & Fashion wrapped into one unforgettable extravaganza.  The documentary goes in depth into the personal life of the producer of the show, Sean Julianno and explains his amazing story of what a difference a year can make. The documentary also highlights from the beginning where the Model Call-Outs were cast to the promotional photo shoots to the practices to the day of are all including in this documentary! You will definitely want the Arts Night @ the Light Documentary in your collection, as it will come with the full show as well!

Follow Sean Julianno on Twitter for updates about the Documentary > Twitter.com/Sean_Julianno

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