The Psychology of a Hater

Want to know why a hater hates? Or why you can’t stop hating on others? This might help you understand why you have haters or why you’re a hater. Prophetically spoken by Bishop Benjamin.

“Haters don’t realize you’re doing more damage to yourself, than you could ever do to me”-Bishop Benjamin

“Hate comes from a self hate, an insecurity”-Bishop Benjamin

“The hater only exists to distract you and your thinking from your destiny by diverting attention away from the love of God-Bishop Benjamin

“Haters reside even in your own family“-Bishop Benjamin

“Instead of working to get to where someone else who’s ahead of you is, you’d rather try & bring them down to where you are #Hater”-Bishop Benjamin

“A psychopath is an extreme hater who has an abnormal lack of compassion”-Bishop Benjamin

“You wonder why you’re staying where you’re at in life, because you’re too busy hating than focusing on yourself”

“We use ‘just playing’ to say what we really want to say”-Bishop Benjamin

“A hater has no more power than what you give them”-Bishop Benjamin

“The more haters you have, the greater you’ll become”-Bishop Benjamin

“Put yourself around advocates and not adversaries”-Bishop Benjamin

“When someone hates on you, love them back & watch what God does for you”-Bishop Benjamin

In summary:

1. Hate is strong & tricky

2. Love is stronger & triumphant

3. Focus on God because God is love!

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