Model Call-Out

We are exactly one week away from the Arts Night @ the Light Model Call-Out! The Call-Out will take place next Sunday, June 13th at Light of the World Christian Church, located on 4646 N. Michigan Road, Indpls, IN at 3 PM!

We are looking for all models; Women, Men, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian, Tall or Short, Big or Small that will fit the theme we have created. If you are interested in being a model, and have modeling experience or if you have none at all, we want you to come out! We will select the individuals who best represent the look associated with our theme.

Four models will be chosen to participate in a photo shoot that will be used for a special promotion of the show via fliers and video. They will lead each scene in our upcoming show, which will take place Saturday, September 18th, 2010. Those chosen few will also be PAID for this. The other models selected will receive incentives for participating in the show as well.

We are putting together a timeless show that will be groundbreaking and change how Fashion Shows are to be presented. Please come out and become a part of history!

Ladies please bring/wear heels and other items for example: jewelry, dresses, etc, if possible, so we can see you in your full element.

Gentlemen bring your A game.

Please contact Sean J. Buckner for further questions at or (317) 443-7363.

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