My Tattoos

I’m always asked how many tattoos I have or what not, so I have posted 3 different sections I guess you could say lol. Each of these have a special meaning, some deeper than others. I have more than these 3 but this is all I will show for now. People fail to realize that these are permanent and you shouldn’t just get anything on your body, make sure they have some meaning people.

“When the Stars Align” Chest Piece

3 Stars with S,J,B, inside of them which are my initials… When you put them S,J,B together you get my SJB Logo (Dec 09 Piece)

“Sharon Rosette” 5/7/57-10/3/09 R.I.P. Momma (April 09)

Outer Tribute Half-Sleeve to my Mother

Left arm because we are both left handed

7 roses symbolizing Sharon ‘Rosette’, her favorite number & the number of completion

Praying angel praying for me (May 09)

My Tattoo Artist: Don E. (317) 531- 6693

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