Oscars 2010

The Oscars 2010 were rather boring as it always is almost every year… The Red Carpet wasn’t entertaining either but here are a few winners & losers from the Red Carpet…


Zoe Saldana wearing Givenchy Haute Couture

Cougar Demi Moore wearing Versace rawrrrr

Penelope Cruz wearing Donna Karan

(You still can’t speak a lick of English & you admitted it but you are still gorgeous 🙂

J Lo wearing Armani & Louboutins

Best Actress Sandra Bullock wearing Marchesa

Miley Cyrus wearing Jenny Packman (In >1< year holla at me Miley)

Anika Noni Rose wearing… idk…

Paula Patton (still looking beautiful preggo)  & Robin Thicke

Zoe Kravitz wearing…idk…

I’m just as shocked as everyone else to see that she’s well put together for once

Ben Stiller had the best outfit tho…lol

Vanessa Hudgens at Vanity Fair Oscars After Party mmm…

Hilary Swank at Vanity Fair After Party (showing it alll not really ppl tripping)

Stacy Dash & Jamie Foxx at Vanity Fair Afterparty…

Jennifer Hudson

Amber Rose @ VF Afterparty

Gabrielle Union at Vanity Fair AfterParty mmm


Ok the following aren’t really losers… Just wasn’t their night last nite… lol

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Chanel Haute Couture

The strap around her collarbone looked it was choking her & she was fighting to breathe alllll night…. SJP is considered to be a ‘Fashion Icon’ she ain’t got nothing on SJB tho…

Mariah Carey/Cannon you lose just because your with a bigger loser & her toes hanging over in those Louboutins… Her time is almost up, but she’s still a beauty, no hating…

SN: I didn’t know she was in Precious until after I saw the movie, did you?

That is alllll for this year…

Update: Shoutout to Monique for Best Supporting Actress & Precious overall… I didn’t include Gabby because well… everyone makes fun of her… lol give her some slack

Props to Concreteloop, JustJared & Style.com for pics!

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