Well… 2009 has been without a doubt the hardest year of many people’s, especially for myself. It seemed like at one point that this year would never end & that everything that could possibly could go wrong did go wrong… With all the negative things that happened this year, there was also a significant amount of positive things I’ve gained from this year that have shaped me into the man I need to be in order to succeed and fully live out my purpose that God has called me to be…

With the loss of my mother & one of my mentors, at times I lost a sense of hope, drive & direction. Sometimes you question why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people, but its simply because God knows you can handle it & that you will grow from the situation. This is definitely a hard concept to grasp and is something that is a work in progress, but I know once I fully learn it I will much better off…

From living in 3 different cities this year to all the experiences has shaped me slowly into a man. The most important things I’ve learned is that you CANNOT put anything before God whatsoever. We can get so caught up sometimes in our own lives that we forget to sometimes give thanks to the main person who has made it even possible for us to be here.

Life as I once knew it will never be the same, I guess I have to create a new life in a sense… I know I have some big decisions to make very soon that could affect my future… I’m just praying that everything is in Gods will.

I know that 2009 was a year that had to happen, almost a wake up call in the realest sense… I’m glad im awake & ready to take on what’s ahead of me. 2010 will be a breakthrough year… I can already feel it.


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