Part II

Before I even start this, If I hurt anyone’s feelings or you feel like I’m talking to you directly… Try not to take it personal…

Again, my family & myself would like to thank everyone for their prayers, condolensces, etc…

“Some things are better left unsaid”

I say that to say… Well put yourself in my shoes for a sec… Would you want people to constantly ask you “How are you doing”, “How’s your family”, “Hows your Dad & Bro”? Especially if we’ve never had a real vocal relationship in the past? Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that asking that is necessarily a bad thing, but repeatedly, daily, multiple times a day; is quite over the top… Don’t ya think?

Now if you normally ask or check up & talk to us then this is not to you…

When you are asked something like that repeatedly, it brings back memories… Some good… Some bad…

I’m basically saying watch how you ask, what you ask & ask yourself would I want to be asked this before you even ask it…

As I’ve said previously, we (my father & brother) are doing fine… We have our good days & our bad… God is giving us somewhat of peace right now & regardless we all have to move on with our lives because life goes on… Death is apart of life & we are trying to live our lives as normal as possible…

Now the majority of the people that might read this will take it absolutely in the wrong context, but that’s fine… Might save me a few of my unlimited texts…


  1. I like this SB. Keep it real and keep it going. Holla at ya man!

    • Anonymous
    • November 6th, 2009

    hey cuz! im glad you found a way to express yourself and feelings. Most people will take what you said out of context but you’re right, unless they’ve been through a similiar situation then they dont know how it feels. Im proud that you shared and opened your heart to express your feeling. And yes make it happen in 2010!! luv ya janette

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